Dec. 1st, 2008

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It's amazing how quickly a place can come to feel like home.

[ profile] morganlf and I returned back to Seattle yesterday, after four+ days back in SoCal. Admittedly, most of those were in Bakersfield, but we did get to spend an evening in LA and see a few folks who managed to drag themselves to our hotel bar.... (Again--thanks! It was so awesome to see all of you!) To those we didn't manage to see, hopefully next time?

It is so good to get back though--back to our little basement apartment (which we will be out of VERY SOON, if everything goes according to schedule), and back to Seattle. Even the gloom seemed welcoming. :) I go a bit stir crazy without things to do, so work feels almost like a welcome respite after too much vacation. I apparently need to get some of my many discussed side projects off the ground. I think having a house with actual space for an office and a workshop will help that along nicely.... :) Not to mention, there will be many house projects to occupy my time for the foreseeable future....

Anyway, there's little actual point to this post, other than to say, yay for being home.

(As an aside--anyone on my flist know anything about flooring? The house we're moving into has 60s resilient tile (VCT, I assume) everywhere. I'm hoping we can either pull it up (if there's no asbestos), or put new vinyl tile or hardwood over it. I'm nervous about this whole process though, and would love advice.


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