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I officially hate race conditions and non-thread-safe code. Bah. Debugging meant that I was at work almost 12 hours today. Yay me. This means that I deserve frozen yogurt. :)

Blueberries are starting to come into season--I found a 2 lb. box at the grocery store for $5. This of course means Blueberry Frozen Yogurt...

I think I'll being saying this quite a bit, but best frozen yogurt ever.

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt! )

The straining step was absolutely necessary--after processing the blueblerries, there was a very thick slurry of skins and seeds to be filtered out. I didn't end up using kirsch, as I didn't have any on hand, so I substituted vanilla extract to add some alcohol. I liked the whiskey last time in the lemon, but I didn't really want that particular flavor this time. I'd like to try chambord--I think that would be good.
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I'm in the process of making lemon-vanilla frozen yogurt, loosely based on David Lebovitz's Super Lemon Ice Cream in The Perfect Scoop which I still curse [ profile] butigotahelmet
for every time I have a hankering for triple-chocolate ice cream.

This recipe is super simple, which I like, since that means I can start it before dinner and it might be ready by dessert time. We shall see.
Kevin's yogurty interpretation of David Lebovitz's version of Barbara Tropp's Super Lemon Ice Cream )
I also added a little whiskey (~1 tsp) to my yogurt as I don't like my yogurt to freeze too hard--I'm hoping the small bit of alcohol (whiskey + vanilla extract -- you know vanilla extract is basically vodka, right?) will prevent the mixture from freezing solid.

I don't know how the frozen product will taste, but the intermediate product is delicious....

EDIT: Yogurt's done! It's pretty good. This ended up pretty tangy--much like Pinkberry. Yum.
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I made blackberry frozen yogurt tonight, to try out a herb combo that I've been thinking about.

It was a hit--[ profile] morganlf and [ profile] glass_diamonds both liked it and urged me to write down the recipe... so, for posterity, here it is. I also liked it, but it was a bit seedy. Next time, I'd defrost the berries, puree them, and strain out the seeds before using.

Blackberry Frozen Yogurt

Frozen blackberries (1/2 a package)
4 cups of non-fat yogurt
2/3 cup of sugar
1/3 cup of pomegranate juice (non-sweetened)
2-3 Tbs lemon verbena leaves (a small handful)
3 Tbs sweet basil (a few large leaves)

Strain yogurt in cheesecloth for 30 minutes to an hour

Puree everything in a blender.

If *not* using frozen berries, chill the mixture in the freezer until really cold or partially frozen.

Pour into ice cream maker and freeze as per manufacturers instructions.


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