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I'm now over on dreamwidth as well, as bellwether (with an e!) ... I'm still not sure what the point is though.
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Today is Free Comic Day! Hit up your friendly local comic book store. We're visiting Arcane Comics in West Seattle.

Also, there are plant sales galore today. A & I are heading up to the Tilth Plant sale in Wallingford . If anyone is interested in joining us, give A's cell phone a ring!

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Any Android developers (or wanna be Android developers) out there looking for a new job, shoot me a line!

The job is in Seattle, though. :)

job description )
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Hmm. I'm feeling the need to get my DM on. I'm thinking about running either a D&D or Call of Cthulhu game locally. Any interest?


Mar. 2nd, 2009 08:10 pm
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We managed to sell our green velvet couch today. It was kind of bittersweet--I rescued it from the curb in front of our Beverly Glen apartment last year--at that time it was without legs and a little worse for wear. A little oxy clean later, a new set of legs, and dowel screws courtesy of McMaster-Carr (thanks [ profile] muddjester!), and it was the queen of the living room...

Unfortunately, times change. A and I decided we were ready for a more 'grown-up' look, and we upgraded to a Kasala sectional, albeit a small sectional.

This one, in fact, although in a pistachio color. )

A lovely young woman arrived this morning with a U-haul to take away our new couch, where it will now live in a therapist's office. This seems almost poetic to me. Hopefully after a year of absorbing the Eustalker neuroses, it is sufficiently primed for whatever it's new occupants will throw at it! :)
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Our newest addition!

Meet Jellylorum! )

Gus and Jelly have an uneasy peace. Jelly has shown herself to be more dominant of the two, so far. Whenever Gus gets near, Jelly lets out a deep, deep growl. The first time I heard her, I thought a motorcycle was passing by. Gus typically slinks off. Poor guy. I'm just happy they're not fighting!
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[ profile] morganlf and I just got back from a fantastic weekend. We spent the last three days in Yakima valley for the Yakima Red Wine & Chocolate event.

a brief run-down of the wineries we visited )

Now that we're back home, we're pondering the newest addition to our family--a sister for Gus. We're looking at two different cats--jump over to [ profile] morganlf to see pics and provide feedback!
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Third(fourth?) snow day in a row. I'm beginning to go a bit stir crazy.

The buses that are running are frequently skipping stops because they're too full--and are often delayed. I've heard up to an hour or more...

Stay safe, and if you can, stay home.
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Due to Snowpocalypse III, we're stranded in Seattle... While Northwest could schedule us out to arrive on christmas, we'd end up with two days or so in Minnesota. So, as a result, A and I will have our first Christmas in Seattle.

A is trimming the lemon verbena bush with vintage mini-Shiny Brite ornaments as we speak. Pictures to follow, I'm sure, over at [ profile] morganlf

Ah well, we have food, movies, and a little grey kitty. Plus, now I get to cook whatever I want, assuming there is still food at the market--that is, once we can get *to* the market. We tried to drive to the house today to paint, and got five feet before my RAV was stuck in the snow. After that one abortive attempt, we decided to stay inside and keep warm. A's grandma sent us a care package of cookies which have turned into emergency rations.

Cookies for breakfast? :)
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It's amazing how quickly a place can come to feel like home.

[ profile] morganlf and I returned back to Seattle yesterday, after four+ days back in SoCal. Admittedly, most of those were in Bakersfield, but we did get to spend an evening in LA and see a few folks who managed to drag themselves to our hotel bar.... (Again--thanks! It was so awesome to see all of you!) To those we didn't manage to see, hopefully next time?

It is so good to get back though--back to our little basement apartment (which we will be out of VERY SOON, if everything goes according to schedule), and back to Seattle. Even the gloom seemed welcoming. :) I go a bit stir crazy without things to do, so work feels almost like a welcome respite after too much vacation. I apparently need to get some of my many discussed side projects off the ground. I think having a house with actual space for an office and a workshop will help that along nicely.... :) Not to mention, there will be many house projects to occupy my time for the foreseeable future....

Anyway, there's little actual point to this post, other than to say, yay for being home.

(As an aside--anyone on my flist know anything about flooring? The house we're moving into has 60s resilient tile (VCT, I assume) everywhere. I'm hoping we can either pull it up (if there's no asbestos), or put new vinyl tile or hardwood over it. I'm nervous about this whole process though, and would love advice.


Sep. 23rd, 2008 02:42 pm
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Can't wait!

La Rustica

Sep. 12th, 2008 11:24 pm
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A and I got back a little while ago from an amazing dinner at La Rustica, a little hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant tucked into the southern corner of Alki beach way over here in West Seattle. The menu was crafted with a tremendous amount of care, paying attention to both seasonality and location! I approve. The seafood was particularly good. I had a paella with mussels, clams, shrimp, and boar that was absolutely delicious. A's polenta with boar was possibly even better---I know I was jealous when I tasted it.

Plus--the waitress was very knowledgeable about the wine list and gave us a great recommendation. A and I both thought that La Rustica reminded us of Drago in Santa Monica, our favorite LA restaurant.

In short, if you ever find yourself out on the West Seattle side of the world, check out La Rustica.

La Rustica
4100 Beach Dr SW
Ste A
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I feel strangely guilty for being excited about Burn After Reading. I just can't stop laughing when I see Brad Pitt on that treadmill.
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As [ profile] morganlf has mentioned, we went out and saw Transsiberian today. I recommend Transsiberian highly. It's well paced, for the most part, and will definitely keep you angst-ridden. The theater though, I cannot recommend. The Regal Meridian 16 is only worth going to if your film is not playing anywhere else. The floors were sticky, the projector was slightly out of focus, and the seats were too low and not stadium-style. Ok, rant over.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend. It was great to have some real live adult company, even though my beet ravioli was not as good as I hoped. It did warm up reasonably well tonight. Sunday was spent going to open houses and checking out houses we've got on our not-so-short list over at redfin, and then relaxing with The Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford. While the cinematography is fantastic, I felt the film was extraordinarily plodding. I greatly enjoy modern westerns, and was really looking forward to TAoJJ... Sadness.

Back to work. I definitely could use another day of weekend--I'm going to begin my own sourdough starter this week, taking a note from [ profile] coraa. I'm interested to see what West Seattle yeast tastes like....


Aug. 27th, 2008 08:52 pm
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Mozilla Labs just released a new Firefox plugin today, called Ubiquity which effectively adds easy & instant mash-up capabilities to Firefox. While not really ubiquitous computing, Ubiquity is still pretty sweet...

Highlight a sentence, hit the hotkey and type "translate this to spanish" and the text is instantly replaced in place by it's translation. Highlight an address or place name, hotkey and "map this" and you pull up a Google map of the location. Similar functions exist for IMDB lookups, Flickr searches, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Google Mail ("mail this to kevin"), and so on.... The power is quite compelling!

It's still buggy, but there's a lot of promise. It's also completely open, so you can add new functionality easily. I'm thinking about "tivo this" and "netflix this" commands to easily modify my tivo programming & netflix queue....

Check it out.
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I officially hate race conditions and non-thread-safe code. Bah. Debugging meant that I was at work almost 12 hours today. Yay me. This means that I deserve frozen yogurt. :)

Blueberries are starting to come into season--I found a 2 lb. box at the grocery store for $5. This of course means Blueberry Frozen Yogurt...

I think I'll being saying this quite a bit, but best frozen yogurt ever.

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt! )

The straining step was absolutely necessary--after processing the blueblerries, there was a very thick slurry of skins and seeds to be filtered out. I didn't end up using kirsch, as I didn't have any on hand, so I substituted vanilla extract to add some alcohol. I liked the whiskey last time in the lemon, but I didn't really want that particular flavor this time. I'd like to try chambord--I think that would be good.
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I'm in the process of making lemon-vanilla frozen yogurt, loosely based on David Lebovitz's Super Lemon Ice Cream in The Perfect Scoop which I still curse [ profile] butigotahelmet
for every time I have a hankering for triple-chocolate ice cream.

This recipe is super simple, which I like, since that means I can start it before dinner and it might be ready by dessert time. We shall see.
Kevin's yogurty interpretation of David Lebovitz's version of Barbara Tropp's Super Lemon Ice Cream )
I also added a little whiskey (~1 tsp) to my yogurt as I don't like my yogurt to freeze too hard--I'm hoping the small bit of alcohol (whiskey + vanilla extract -- you know vanilla extract is basically vodka, right?) will prevent the mixture from freezing solid.

I don't know how the frozen product will taste, but the intermediate product is delicious....

EDIT: Yogurt's done! It's pretty good. This ended up pretty tangy--much like Pinkberry. Yum.
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There's a gorgeous series of retro SF posters over at Zazzle. If you like modernism or retro-SF, check them out. I particularly like the Pluto poster-- "The Small Planet that's BIG on FUN" :)
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Happy birthday to the lovely [ profile] morganlf! Gus and I cannot wait to have you back!


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